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Trie Angeleva

trie angeleva, ma, ma

mindful reimagineur
owner, planet reimagine

With Manhattan as my backdrop, I'm a Certified Coach, Owner of Planet Reimagine, and founder of Embark and The Love Monday Method. A former CIO and COO, I'm in my flow zone when collaborating with others to reimagine their life, work, leadership or organization. 


My mission is empowering thrivers to flourish. As a Certified Career Coach since 2014, my journey includes a wide range of experiences, from developing courses and teaching 21 classes at Indiana University and consulting to directing strategic planning, budgeting and innovation as the first female Deputy Mayor of Bloomington, Ind. 


An eternal optimist, adopted-dog mom, 30-year vegetarian, compassionate animal welfare advocate, voracious learner and travel-happy meditator and yogi, I have two Master's degrees, six coaching certifications and a certificate in Executive Leadership from Cornell University.


Connect with me at to chat about your journey of mindful transformation.

Concrete Wall


  • Mindful Transformation Strategist

  • Owner, Planet Reimagine LLC

  • Founder, Embark

  • Dream Job Coach, Reimagine Monday 

  • Founder, The Love Monday Method

  • Creator, Career Success Preparation, Indiana University

  • M.A., M.A. | Indiana University

  • Certificate in Executive Leadership | Cornell University

  • Certified Life Coach & Six-Phase Meditation Trainer | Mindvalley

  • Certified Core Coach & Certified Career Transitions Coach | Coach Training Alliance

  • Certified Career Transformation Coach | The Institute for Career Coaching


Trie Pose on the beach

One day on a pier stretching into the Atlantic, I rediscovered yoga. Loving how it made me feel on and off the mat, I immersed myself in learning about mindfulness and set out to discover ways to make life more joyous, meaningful and intentional for people. I’d seen too many individuals not thriving or unclear about how to experience their potential, and I wanted to do something about it.


So, I transitioned into coaching and higher ed course development, ultimately teaching 21 classes for Indiana University.


These passions now define my practice, Planet Reimagine, where I collaborate with individuals and organizations to create powerful new approaches to redefining their experience.

After teaching for 5.5 years, I moved myself and my business to Georgetown in Washington DC, and recently, to Jersey City NJ. As Kramer would say on Seinfeld, “I’m loving every minute of it!”


It was a combination of stressful work and life demands that led me to reevaluate absolutely every aspect of my life several years ago. 


I had a meaningful and stimulating career, yet an enveloping wave of restlessness and anxiety settled in. I was ready for a big change and knew I needed an approach to help me navigate the type of work and life transformation I was seeking.

I was about to discover it.

learn how YOU can make the transformation you’ve been longing to make.

Reimagine Your Life
Reimagine Your Career
Reimagine Your Leadership
Reimagine Your Team


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