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You've Worked Hard For Decades & Your Well-Earned Retirement Is Knocking.

Now What??

Welcome, We're Anna & Trie.

We're so glad you're here!

From "Ex-" To Next

Leaving a successful career you’ve devoted your life to and standing on the precipice of retirement can be daunting.


Yes, it will be wonderful to have the freedom, but what do you do with your time?


Often our parents weren’t a good role model, and in gaining an "Ex-" status, we tap into the fear of decline and insignificance. But what if we look beyond your former identity and see this as an opportunity to start Project Next, filled with all those things you yearn for: excitement, expressiveness, exploration, expertise, expansiveness?

Blossom & Blaze: The Golden Go-Tos For Your Retirement Joy

Your retirement joy journey begins here!

We are Blossom and Blaze, a transatlantic coaching duo specializing in maximizing retirement meaning and joy. We act as a compass and a torch, sensitively tuned to your true North: the guy who comes alive, feels all-powerful and valued when his environment and self are aligned to a purposeful vision and his core desires.

The Blossom & Blaze Way

Your retirement can and should feature the best years of your life. Knowing how to make this happen can be a struggle, even with well-meaning friends and family around. Only by addressing your uniqueness can we get to the source of your satisfaction. 

Blossom and Blaze are vision-mining experts. We listen to you deeply — where you've been, where you want to arrive — and sift through the dust and haze that obscure your wants and desires to get you familiar with your deeper, neglected self. We’ll dive deep into all aspects of your life: your values, your environment, your relationships, what gives you joy etc. 

Together, with the help of mind-freeing exercises, embodiment work, heart/brainstorming discussions and other tailored tools, we’ll co-create a vibrant blueprint of your future that will get you setting your alarm clock early and feeling a sense of wind beneath your wings. 

The Blossom & Blaze Effect

Working with us, you will come away feeling like you’ve had a date with the most amazing person of your dreams. You’ll be blown away by feelings of nostalgia, tender hopes, butterflies and vigor that will leave you longing to see and be with this person again.


This person is YOU — your unclaimed self who now sees himself beyond his career and feels that steely sense of fresh purpose. And with this new perspective comes the sense of wanting to take care of yourself, mentally, emotionally and physically, to be the best for the task.


You’ll find yourself pursuing goals and aspirations with renewed energy and clarity. You’ll be reaching out to people naturally and attracting the company of people that resonate with your new mindset. 

Fears of spending aimless hours and days numbed on the sofa in front of a screen will disappear with the cultivation of a balanced routine that brings you forward to your goals but also gets you rooted in your kind of community where you can meet, share, learn or give back in meaningful ways. You can become more relevant and impactful than ever. 

With our guidance, you'll emerge stronger, more fulfilled and ready to embrace this empowering chapter of your life. 

Meet Your Coaches

Meet Anna and Trie, your dream retirement experts. With multifaceted backgrounds, including teaching, performance arts, consulting and the C-Suite, we both made our way to coaching. 


By empowering professionals to know and show their brilliant selves and achieve much more than they dared, individually we've transformed the outlook, performance, careers and success of hundreds of people.


Now we have joined forces, convinced that retirement can be the best chapter of your life. We are eager to support and guide you so you can unfetter your wings and discover not only a new world, but a new bold self. And we can help you fly.

Your Two-Coach Advantage

Two coaches instead of one?? Yes!


Your unique situation, challenges, opportunities, dreams, obstacles and personality demand a wealth of experience and expertise.


With two skilled coaches on your side, you benefit from double the knowledge and profound mastery, ensuring comprehensive support tailored precisely to your needs.

Sessions can be scheduled with one or both of us together, depending on your goals, schedule and preference. If sessions are solo, we consult with one another so that you benefit from both of our diverse perspectives, insights and solutions to your challenges. We can bounce off each other in ways that take us “out of the box” to ensure you're getting a comprehensive solution.

When sessions are with both of us, clients tell us they find the sessions extremely targeted and efficient yet expansive and fulfilling. We ensure our client receives a well-rounded coaching experience that allows him to achieve his session goals, moving him closer to his happiest retirement.

Furthermore, clients tell us having two coaches in one session is both a stimulating and liberating experience. Quite often, while one coach and client are engaged in conversation, the second coach will hear something extra that is more subtle and key in opening up layers of thoughts and ideas.

Let's Get Your Joy Plan Rolling

Blossom and Blaze are dedicated to making retirement the best, most purposeful part of life. 

Let’s find out what makes you tick louder than that mantelpiece clock. Book a free 45 minute session with us today. 


The Podcast & YouTube

Crystal Salt

Why As Your Navigation

Here’s an extract from our hot seat discussion on purpose-driven success and how you can use your why to navigate your life more effectively. Episode 1: Why As Your Navigation.

B&B Instagram (3).png
B&B Instagram (3).png

Bringing Holiday Into Everyday


Anna and Trie examine the seismic shift of feelings between holiday and everyday. Do they really need to be so different? What if you can take that holiday feeling home and keep it alive, letting it inspire your day long after the vacation ended? How about creating a life that’s less about routine and more about vigour? Unpack your mind and come with us on our quest to finding the best YOU.

B&B Instagram (3).png
B&B Instagram (3).png
Crystal Salt

The Unstoppable Power Of Gratitude


World Gratitude Day falls on 21st September, and we’re thankful to use this occasion to discuss the fabulous benefits and surprising uses of this humble emotion. Find out how to make your life instantly better and why gratitude is a power tool in times of stress and anxiety. Come with us on our quest to finding the best YOU.

B&B Instagram (3).png
B&B Instagram (3).png
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When the career carpet is rolled up, and the mantelpiece clock is driving you crazy, it’s time to give us a call.

Welcome! We're Anna and Trie.

We're so glad you're here.


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